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The Complete Branding Process

Corporate Identity

Understanding who you are as an organization is the starting point for developing your full brand identity. Determining your voice, vision, values, and target audience are key to establishing your position in the market. This directs how you will communicate effectively with and grow your audience. It will also guide the visual identity process to assure consistency between your voice and visual appearance. Read more about Corporate Identity here.


Your visual identity will be the system of graphic elements that your audience will identify your brand by. This includes the design of elements including but not limited to your logo, color palette, type kit, and iconography. Your visual identity will be developed as an extension to your corporate identity in order to create a consistent experience for your audience. 


There is great benefit in addressing your corporate and visual identities in one full-service branding project. This assures unity and cohesion across all visual and voicing elements, and allows for a streamlined implementation across all platforms. In consolidating your identity sessions, you receive a single, comprehensive, brand guide that covers all aspects of your corporate and visual identity and how they work together to create a unique and engaging experience for your clients.