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Full Circle Takes On New York

Zane Huggins | September 13, 2022

Just over a month ago, I moved from Pittsburgh to New York City with my partner and my dog. In doing so, I took a chance on our business, putting more distance between myself and Weston, our HQ office in Morgantown, WV, and many of our clients. This, however, has not slowed us down!

Since moving to New York, we have completed a series of projects for a large-scale social campaign with a former WVU professor, and continued working on many other ongoing client projects. And perhaps most excitingly, we added a new member to our team to help with our increased workload.

Currently, we have team members on the ground in NYC, PA, and WV.  As we continue to pick up team members and clients from all over, we have found that we no longer have to be tethered to just one geographic location. We have worked alongside organizations in Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, San Francisco and even Toronto. We are now excited to add some New York City clients to our portfolio!
Read more about design and New York City in my recent blog post, Observations: Graphic Design In New York City.


Zane Huggins

CEO, Creative Director of Full Circle Design Studio Email: zane@full-circle.design

Weston Huggins

CEO, Director of Web Development Email: weston@full-circle.design